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Our Recycling team are best in handling anything and provides fast, local, professional Rubbish Removal , Waste Removal, Waste Disposal in Manchester UK. We can collect all types of paper, cardboard and plastic using our own trucks within Manchester and we have very strong relationships with hauliers for collecting loads throughout the UK, this ensures that distance or the quantity of the material is never a problem. For any logistics queries please do not hesitate to contact us. Waste Paper Suppliers and Exporters Manchester UK

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Manchester Paper Plastic ltd has built its reputation on excellent levels of service and professionalism with a team whose experience spans over 20 years in the waste management industry in various commodities such as fibres and polymers.

Does your business generate a large volume of paper, cardboard or plastic waste? Do you bale your paper, cardboard or plastic? If so, we can put together an efficient and responsible waste management service for you.

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Free Local Collections


State-of-the-Art Depot


20+ Years Of Experience


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What Our Customer Says

  • Their team does a great job communicating both market trends and strategies of improving my company's recycling income.
    Chris Root
  • That type of service doesn’t go unnoticed and only builds the working relationship we have with them.
    Robert Doe